Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I was once that shiny toy, you know the one that is revered and loved above all things. No that isn't me anymore. I'm the broken toy that was dropped over and over again. I begged to be cared for, to be coddled but that wasn't no where to be found. My shine started to dissipate. What was found was a careless box that I was placed me in. I lived in this box yearning for my shiny old self back, the one that had aspirations and whose smile could not be fade away, where the name on the bottom of my shoe wasn't wasted. Who was this shiny toy...I couldn't remember as time wore on and paint chipped off. Finally as I lay next to the other toys I thought of something different. Maybe I wasn't broken...maybe I was always the shiny toy...The more I thought I was shiny, my shine radiated until I realized I was never broken, only felt that way.


  1. I like this cuz it seems sometimes people equate themselves with their problems. It's important to keep these two things separate, I think.

  2. It is important and your right. Takes some learning before we recognize that huh?