Thursday, April 21, 2011


Isn't if funny how there are some days that we are extremely inspired to "attempt" works of art, whether literary, poetic or paint driven. I want to be inspired all the time to write. I think about writing all day, about creating a whole new world that people can dive into. When I sit and look at my screen lately the only thing I can see is one scene from the story I'm "compelled" to write. The girl has a brown shirt and dark wash jeans. Brown hair and brown eyes. She's very plain...modern. She stands in the midst of a storm on a cliff. In her hand is a bottle of some type of potion/poison and she looks up into the sky and drinks it. Her face is filled with worry and I have no idea how she got there and why shes taking this potion. Nothing has been revealed to me. I suppose I need a moment to spend time with her before she will reveal herself completely...but I'm fascinated by her! My first thought is that shes drinking it to be somewhere else with someone..who knows!!! To be continued...hopefully! LOL

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