Friday, April 8, 2011


I remember when I saw her first. She only appeared in the mirror. She looked strangely familiar but I couldn't recollect where I seen her last. All I could recognize is the pale unappealing face of mine that I seen in the mirror. Each day I looked and looked and seen her there, in the distance...vague. I squint in order for her face to reveal herself to me but it doesn't work. My face seems to drag on, each day paler and sadder then before. I'm breaking and I could feel it. A miraculous thing happened as I broke one day, as I shed my tears and wiped my face I looked in the mirror to see my blemishes and the girl was a bit clearer. I stared at her, trying to pinpoint her familiarity. I left the bathroom and continued on with my day. Every morning I repeated my despair and washed my face and everyday she became clearer and clearer until I looked into the mirror and it wasn't the sad despair that I wore on my face anymore. I recognized the girl in the background, she was close enough for me to see....she was me.

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