Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Year of Reflections

Ugh, where do I start. Moving...moving forward, moving backwards. I'm always in this constant state of movement. Whether its emotional or physical. Good or bad, the movement doesn't seem to have a need to meet any kind of format nor does it desire to have a label. It's been a long time since I've blogged last and I'm thinking that I do need to come back to it because its therapy. 

A whole year of not writing on this blog, and a whole year of not writing anything not pertaining to furthering my eduction. The characters in my head call out to me, flesh themselves out in my head. The story plays out but the paper/pen/computer doesn't know it's story. They scream at me to continue on, that they want to be heard. The only thing I hear is my need for some stability in this shaky world that is now my separation and dealing with the three children's hearts that are left bleeding in its wake.

My desire is to write and to only write. It's the process of getting lost in that reality that keeps calling me back. I need to write. I'm missing myself because I haven't written. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Isn't if funny how there are some days that we are extremely inspired to "attempt" works of art, whether literary, poetic or paint driven. I want to be inspired all the time to write. I think about writing all day, about creating a whole new world that people can dive into. When I sit and look at my screen lately the only thing I can see is one scene from the story I'm "compelled" to write. The girl has a brown shirt and dark wash jeans. Brown hair and brown eyes. She's very plain...modern. She stands in the midst of a storm on a cliff. In her hand is a bottle of some type of potion/poison and she looks up into the sky and drinks it. Her face is filled with worry and I have no idea how she got there and why shes taking this potion. Nothing has been revealed to me. I suppose I need a moment to spend time with her before she will reveal herself completely...but I'm fascinated by her! My first thought is that shes drinking it to be somewhere else with someone..who knows!!! To be continued...hopefully! LOL

Sunday, April 17, 2011

September 11

I know I know. It's not that time of the year. I was watching "Remember Me". What does Sept 11 represent to you? Where were you and what were you doing. I for one will start. I was taking a final exam in my first semester in college about a block away from Empire State Building  and I watched the first tower fall.

What it meant to me is that I always have to be on the lookout to see if this will happen again. It made me analyze every package felt alone while I wait for the 4 train. It made me consider people in general.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

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Today is The New Da

Who would know that one day I would look brightly upon the sun. That I would notice the birds chirping and the breeze blowing. How long have I lived in the cave I built for myself, the one that drowned out every good thing that ever existed. Who said for me to do this....Who said life wasn't supposed to be enjoyable. I did. I imposed this self imprisonment. I told myself not to smell the flowers and notice the breeze. I shielded my eyes from the sun when it tried in vain to shine through my darkness, but...eventually there in nothing that the sun can't touch, that the breeze can't engulf...that the birds can't penetrate. I will receive all that is presented...I freed myself.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I can't be stopped. I will succeed. I will no longer be defined by the way my hair blows in the wind or the color of my eyes. I will stand strong and beautiful. I wont falter and I am the key to my universe. I won't be stopped or moved.  I will take the world into my hand and embrace it, not being afraid of what it offers me. I am the New Woman. Not afraid to handle everything that comes my way, without doubt. I may shed a tear, but not because I'm scared or overwhelmed, but because I'm still a woman, just one who can trust herself to do more than ever thought possible.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Katy Perry...Really?

I must admit that people get their ideas from many different places.  I know that most people get them from dreams, but mine are filled with middle earth lately...since that's what I'm reading. Not to bad I might add! I think its so fun. I might not think so when the orcs come in hahahaha. Well listening to Katy Perry's new song E.T has really sparked something. I can't put my finger on it but I know its going to be big. I got one part of the story and how she looks and what the main Plot is....Not enough for the story YET. I'll keep you posted as I find out more myself!!! BTW I'm supposed to be working on my query and revising my Manuscript...not thinking of other stories! SMH