Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Read Daughter Read

Read daughter read I say as I hand her Alice and Wonderland. I want to impart on your the wonders that books bring to you. Open it up my love and explore the world that is played out before you. 
You don't want to?
Travel my love while you can. At the same time you can be stuck on a deserted Island as Robinson Crusoe, in the Palace of a prince when you are just a pauper or an Indian talking to a dolphin. Read daughter read transcend and become someone different....feel something different, enlighten yourself beyond measures. Make yourself wonder things you have never wondered before. Read.  


  1. A wonderful admonition. I will always cherish my 'boyhood' days when I would 'hide' in my room and be lost for hours in tales of wonder and adventure!

  2. Reading was never pushed on me as a child. I did the normal that an 8-10 year old does....Robinson Crusoe, Island of the blue dolphin and Prince and the Pauper (Which the B&N edition completely minimized the abuse which was so privative to my loving the story of redemption per say). It is now as an adult that I'm devouring books of all sorts and wishing that I had read them when I was younger. Thanks for your post!